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We Nurse Your Hotel's Reputation


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A good reputation means everything for your hotel business

On your behalf, we thank guests who give you good reviews and go into dialogue with guests who are less excited. When we remove misunderstandings, you will get better reviews and a better reputation

Review Management

We read, assess and answer your customers when they make reviews about your hotel on booking portals and social media platforms

You receive invaluable feedback

Every week you receive a report with the feedback trends from your customers. We also give you improvement suggestions, so that your rating will become even better

Grow your business

With an improved reputation, your business will grow. We give you advice that will have a significant impact on your reputation. Often small changes will have a huge impact.

How we work together?

There is a setup fee that covers:
Getting to know your hotel, location, facilities, style, previous ratings, issues etc.
Establishing access to the systems I need to have access to
Drafting a service level agreement that defines what we can offer your clients in a particular situation

At the end of each month, you will receive a report outlining the activities I have done, my suggestions and recommendations for you to improve

About Us

We are a professional reputation management company. Here is what we can do for your hotel:

We take care of the customers who have something to complain about, ideally before they write reviews. We will seek reconciliation and often everything turns out nicely because they have had a chance to talk to a person who has time to listen and solve the issue in a professional way.