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How important are customer ratings for your future revenue?

Getting bad reviews have a very negative impact on your competitive advantage. You already know the ratings on portals like,, Tripadvisor etc., are very important for people when they choose a hotel.

You also know a number of the negative ratings are unfair and could have been avoided if you had tackled the situation differently.

We are here to help

I take care of the customers who have something to complain about, ideally before they write reviews. I will seek reconciliation and often everything turns out nicely because they have had a chance to talk to a person who has time to listen and solve the issue in a professional way.
I reply to reviews your customers make on travel portals, both the positive and the negative. In a reply, I always make sure to put a little piece of promotion for your services. If possible I go into dialogue with those who have written negative reviews. Often that leads to that they remove or alter their review if possible.
I deliver feedback to you on the common issues and bring the suggestion to what you can do to improve the situation so that you get less bad reviews. Usually, it requires very little.
Together with a partner company, we can assess the effectiveness of your website and your social media presence. I can also maintain Facebook pages, Twitter- and Instagram accounts.
I can advise you how you can make customers sign up for newsletters so that you can build loyalty with existing customers so that they will come back or recommend you to their friends and family. If they book their next stay directly with you save a lot of money because you donĀ“t have to pay fees to a booking portal.

How do we work together?

There is a setup fee that covers:
Getting to know your hotel, location, facilities, style, previous ratings, issues etc.
Establishing access to the systems I need to have access to
Drafting a service level agreement that defines what we can offer your clients in particular situations

For the time I will be working with you and your guests we will agree on a monthly number of hours (minimum 15 hours). At the end of each month, you will receive a report outlining the activities I have done, my suggestions and recommendations for you to improve